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AJ Tracey wants to build black owned rap label with Dave and Stormzy

THE UK RAP SCENE HAS BEEN THRIVING over the last decade and the likes of AJ Tracey, Dave and Stormzy are at the forefront of its rise.

Both Dave and Stormzy have had No.1 albums on the charts, and AJ’s last album wasn’t far behind, peaking at No.3.

But despite the trio’s success, a white owned label Warner Records, reaps most of the benefits of their hard work as that’s who they’re all signed to.

But AJ has a dream to change that one day, and start his own black owned record label to push black artists.

And although it will be a difficult task, he thinks it could be done with the help of his rap peers, such as Dave and Stormzy, Time Out reported.

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AJ told them: “If all the Black artists got together and made a Black-owned label promoting Black artists.

“Maybe among my friends it could happen.”

Another motivation for AJ to launch a black label is to give those that look like him a chance to make it in life, because he knows how hard it is.

Even ’til this day, the West Londoner can’t believe the position he’s in.

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AJ added: “For me to get to this position, it was not easy at all. I’m surprised I made it. I’m not even joking.”

And judging by the success AJ’s had in the charts with Dave and Stormzy, pulling off a record label should be light work.

His Thiago Silva collab with Dave reached number 36 on the UK charts and has over 40 million views on YouTube.

While his track with Big Mike and Headie One, Ain’t It different hit No.2 on the charts and reached 29 million YouTube views.

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