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‘Gucci Mane and Yo Gotti have put on more rappers than Drake’, Chicago rapper claims


But despite his star-power, Drake hasn’t used his platform to put no-one else on like Lil Wayne did with him, according to Chicago rapper Rooga.

The Canadian mega-star jumps on songs with those who have already built a buzz to remain hot, Rooga who’s also slain rapper FBG Duck’s cousin claims.

Which is the complete opposite of taking someone from nothing and turning them into something, like Gucci Mane did with Pooh Shiesty, or what Yo Gotti did with Moneybagg Yo.

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Shiesty and Moneybagg were virtually unknown before getting their deals from the above-mentioned rappers, but since signing with them, both artists have developed into worldwide superstars.

And it isn’t just Shiesty and Moneybagg who have benefitted from signing to Gucci or Gotti.

Gucci’s gone on to start his 1017 label and has also signed many others such as Big Scarr, the same with Gotti who’s CMG label has an array of talent like Blac Youngsta, 42 Dugg and EST GEE, who are rappers from the street who now have global notoriety.

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And despite all of Drizzy’s achievements and plaques, that’s something that he can’t say he’s done with his fame, Rooga believes.

He told Vlad TV: “What Gucci Mane did, when he took Pooh Shiesty and actually made him big big.

“Or what Yo Gotti did, took Moneybagg Yo and showed it one camera, him giving him money in his hand, ‘like here.’ (does hand gesture), I’m signing him.

“He [Drake] don’t do that, and it’s like the nxggas who are doing that ain’t even got as much as him.”

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