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Diddy produced Burna Boy’s album for FREE – the Nigerian artist reveals

PUFF DADDY AKA DIDDY is known for being one of the best hustlers in the entertainment world.

From building the epic Bad Boy records, along with his Sean John clothing line and investing in infamous liquor brand Ciroc, among several other endeavours, Diddy’s always been all about the benjamins.

But the millionaire, who’s also gained a reputation for allegedly not paying some of his artists, remarkably put his love of money to the side and didn’t charge African superstar Burna Boy a penny to produce his Twice As Tall album last year.

Speaking about how he and Diddy put the project together, the Afro-beats sensation told the Evening Standard: “Guess what? Diddy didn’t take no money from me!”

And his generosity didn’t stop there, Diddy even allowed Burna to keep the royalties he’s meant to get from the album so the Nigerian can use it for any other future projects.

Burna explained: “So he [Diddy] gets two points royalties, which he can give back to me so I can take care of some other shxt.”

The Grammy Award winner thinks Diddy done it for him out of love because they are like brothers who work so well together.

He added: “It’s always been the work chemistry between Diddy and me, he is an amazing human being with an impeccable ear for music, who I now call my brother.”

But the pair wasn’t always this close and prior to Twice As Tall, they had never met.

The project was even produced via Zoom due to Covid restrictions.

However, when the duo did finally link up, they had a ball and it was then when their bromance developed, and now their bond is ‘deeper than rap,’ in the words of Puffy, according to Burna.

He went on to say: “I’ll quote what Diddy said, ‘this shxt is deeper than rap, this is a true brotherhood, the two kings reunite!’.”

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