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Lil Baby invests in crypto start-up and no carbs bread with Tom Brady

Lil Baby’s one of the hottest rappers in the game at the moment.

But the Atlanta rapper’s been making some shrewd business moves away from rap to make sure he’ll still be raking it when he decides to retire.

While shopping at jewellery store Ice Box recently, Baby revealed that he’s made some serious investments that would make rap’s self-proclaimed ‘Cryptocurrency’s Scarface’ Nas proud.

Cryptocurrency and NFT’s are of the latest crazes to take the world by storm in recent times and Baby isn’t planning on getting left behind.

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So the platinum-selling artist’s decided to invest in crypto company Moonpay – which allows users to trade the digital currency on their credit cards – just as they would with normal transactions.

And Baby seems to have made a good move as the company that was founded in 2018 is already said to be worth £2.5 Billion.

The Quality Control rapper also cashed out on a Bored Ape NFT – said to be worth a staggering £110,000.

But Baby’s not the only artist venturing into the Bored Ape space, rap icon Eminem just allegedly spent £334,000 on his own one.

The health business is another booming industry, and Baby also revealed that he’s put some cash into Hero Bread, a sandwich brand that claims its products have no carbs.

They’ve got off to a good start with American Football icon Tom Brady endorsing the company alongside Baby.

Last November, Brady announced via his social media that Hero Bread was launching in Subway, and Baby claims that soon all Nestle’s products like Hot Pockets and DiGiorno’s pizza will be made with Hero’s healthy no carb alternative.

The 27-year-old said: “They got a deal with DiGiorno already, so all Nestle products like Hot Pockets and everything is gonna be made with the Hero Bread.”

The name of the bread may have attracted Baby to make the investment as he goes by the alias ‘Hero’ – a title that was given to him by his peer and collaborator Lil Durk, whom he released a platinum-selling mixtape ‘Voice of the Heroes’ with last year.

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