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Shyne told Jay-Z to SHOOT him if his rap lyrics weren’t hardest the Roc Nation boss ever heard

Former rapper Shyne was so confident of his rapping ability that he told Jay-Z to SHOOT him if he wasn’t impressed with what he heard.

This was back in 1998 when Shyne – who’s now a government official in Belize after getting deported following an-ill fated gun battle in a club alongside Diddy and ex-girlfriend J-Lo- was still trying to get on in the rap game.

At the time, Shyne was desperate to get a foot into the industry and was running down on anyone with musical influence with a demo of his CD.

During this period, he bumped into Hov, who was 1/3 owner of Rocafella along with Dame Dash and Kareem ‘Bigs’ Burke.

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And Shyne decided to approach Tiffany brand partner Jay in the most unusual way – by asking if he was armed.

Because if he was, Shyne wanted his fellow Brooklyn native to fire a shot into his foot if the demo he was about to give him wasn’t the hardest bars he’s ever listened to.

Shyne explained the incident on DrinkChamps saying: “I remember we was at the Metronome on 21st Street Broadway.

“And I ran down on Hov, and was like, ‘you got your ratchet (pistol) on you?, I’m telling you I’m the greatest you ever gon’ hear, and if I’m not you can shoot me in my foot’.”

Fortunately for Shyne, the Ace of Spades owner didn’t take things to that extreme, but he did take a copy of the former Bad Boy artists’ CD away with him to digest.

And if Hov did decide to take up Shyne on his offer, he would be walking a lot different today.

As when the two bumped into each other months later in Brooklyn, Jay gave Shyne back his demo and nonchalantly told him ‘it was alright’ in what must’ve been a huge blow to Shyne’s confidence.

However, Shyne was unphased by Hov’s lukewarm response and he kept trying to get a deal, defiantly telling Mr.Carter, ‘I’ll see you on top.’

Hov also noticed his resolve and Shyne claims he tried to sign him on three separate occasions after their initial rendevous.

But it wasn’t to be and Shyne ended up joining Diddy at Bad Boy with the help of deceased rap legend Chris Lighty.

And it seems like he made the right choice because before that fateful night out in the club with Diddy that resulted in him getting ten years in prison and getting deported back to Belize afterwards, Shyne’s debut album sold just under a million copies and hit No.5 on Billboard’s Top 100 chart.

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