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Potter Payper claims he’ll be first UK rapper to conquer the US market

Many UK rappers have tried – and failed to break into the lucrative US market since the scene’s inception in the early 2000’s.

Rap duo SAS were one of the first to cross the border in order to plant the UK flag in the States – linking up with Harlem based collective The Diplomats along the way to cement their status.

But after Diplomats member Juelz Santana was allegedly robbed in London whilst on tour with SAS, that was the end of their union.

Potter’s adamant that he’ll be the first street rapper to break America

Chip was one of the next high-profile UK stars to try and break into the US market when he signed to Down South rap legend T.I’s label Grand Hustle in 2012.

However, not even a slew of features with some of America’s biggest names such as Meek Mill and Young Jeezy could help Chip get in the door and his relationship with Tip soon fizzled out.

Since then, UK politicians have had more success creating strong partnerships with their US counterparts than the rappers have.

But over the last few years, relations have improved between rappers from both countries and it seems like the yanks are finally warming up to their British peers.

The drill scene’s played a big part in bridging the gap, with US drill rappers such as the deceased Pop Smoke linking up with UK producer 808 Melo to produce hits like ‘Dior’ that took over the charts and clubs.

South London rap group D-Block Europe have also been playing their part, making songs with Quality Control artists Offset and Lil Baby – with Baby previously saying on a DJ Semtex’s show, “They just like me.”

However, although a few English stars have made some noise in the State, no-one’s managed to kick the door open wide open just yet.

But if Potter Payper has anything to do with it, the door’s going to get booted off the hinges before we know it.

That’s because the Ilford native reckons he’s going to be the first street rapper to conquer the US market with his real style of rap that he thinks will resonate with the public across the pond.

In Potter’s opinion – that raw, honest, British vibe that he provides hasn’t been shown in America by anyone in the UK so far.

So when they realise there are some authentic rappers in England like him, they’ll be blown away.

In a sit down with NME, Potter said, “I do feel I’m the guy that can break it.

“I always say it to my team, ‘trust me man there’s never been a real street guy that’s hard at rapping.

“Everyone [in the Uk] is either hard at rapping but your not really like that, in England that’s good, but in America, they ain’t going for that shxt. [Over there] hip-hop and streets culture’s at the forefront.

Potter also feels a major reason why he’d be accepted in the States is because their citizens appreciate someone who’s been to prison and has managed to turn their lives around, whereas in the UK, people are scared to stand next to you if you’ve got a chequered past.

The 30-year-old will have the chance to make his predictions come true soon when he releases his highly-anticipated debut album soon that he claims will be well worth the wait.

And if his last few mixtapes are anything to go by, he may just be right.

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